Complete iPhone Jailbreak Index

Are you confused whether you can jailbreak your iPhone on the current iOS version or not? Here, we have covered every iPhone model and every jailbreak ever released so far. Check it out.

If you are searching for the answer to the question “How to jailbreak my iPhone free of cost?”, you are on the right page. In this reference guide, we have gathered all the related information at one place. Whether you are looking for a jailbreak for an old iPhone 3GS or for the latest iPhone 6S model, we… Continue reading

Add ABCD Keyboard Layout to iPhone/iPad to Help Kid Learn English Fast

Out of many things, one reason due to which I like iOS/iPhone is its flexibility and customization, especially when iPhone is jailbroken. In fact we can customise every corner and every aspect of iOS using the tweaks and different apps available in the Cydia and App Stores. Unlike some other operating systems, iOS contains a third party store where you… Continue reading

AccuWeather 3.0.1 for Android Gets Redesign, New Widgets, Landscape and Portrait Modes

AccuWeather, which is one of the most popular weather apps, is updated with new dress for android OS based handsets. I just installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can tell you one thing that is it runs smoothly and presents more detailed information. When we open AccuWeather 3.0.1 first time, after installing and downloading the required… Continue reading

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android Devices

As you all know photoshop is one of the popular and widely used photo editing software on big screens. A little smaller version was released in past for tablets. Now Adobe has just released Adobe Photoshop Touch for android and iPhone devices. This is really a smart move from Adobe due to the increasing popularity of smaller devices. These days… Continue reading

Disable Emergency Button on iOS 6 Lockscreen Until Permanent Fix Comes

As we know two methods to bypass the passcode and to access the sensitive information are floating around the web these days due to the bug present in iOS 6. These methods use same technique and follow similar pattern to work. Any intruder can get the access to locked items by dialling an emergency number and then using few presses… Continue reading

Another Lockscreen Bug Surfaces Which Allows to Bypass Passcode – iOS 6.1.3 Will Fix

Recently a bug in iOS 6 was discovered which allowed the unauthorised users to bypass the passcode and see the contacts, call logs and other available information in Phone app. Today another bug surfaces which is more dangerous as it can give access to other sensitive information and files present on your iPhone. However, this hack is possible only when… Continue reading

Download evasi0n 1.5 to fix long Bootup Time Issue

Do you have to wait a little longer to see the homescreen after rebooting your jailbroken device? Evasi0n 1.5 is now available to reduce the boot-up time. Cydia packages list is also updated in this version. There are two types of users right now, those who are using already jailbroken iPhone/iPad and those who just restored fresh stock iOS 6.1.2.… Continue reading

How to Install Ubuntu Touch OS on Samsung Galaxy S3

As you all know that Ubuntu is one of the highly organised and free operating system for desktop PCs. Now it has made its way to smaller screens. It is still under testing to reach the first public build for smartphones and tablets. Few days ago its first Developer Preview version was released and we told you how you can… Continue reading

Ubuntu Touch OS Developer Preview Released – Guide to Install it on Nexus Android Devices

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview build is now available and is ready to be installed on Nexus android devices. This initial version won’t bring all the functions to your device but the basic ones are present. You can make call, receive SMS, connect to WiFi network, use front and back camera and play with Shell and core applications. On the following… Continue reading

Chromebook Pixel with Touchscreen, backlit keyboard, 239ppi and LTE Features

Google has just announced a new model of Chromebook. This system with better display, touchscreen, 2560×1700 resolution is called Chromebook Pixel. The 12.85” screen has the highest pixel density of any laptop, according to Google. The keyboard is also backlit, at last. Apart from the other features which Google talks about often in the previous versions, this one is designed… Continue reading

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 Untethered Using evasi0n 1.4 [Step by Step Guide]

Earlier today when Apple released iOS 6.1.2, the first thought was whether they had fixed the evasi0n exploit. Fortunately the newest update was not to fix it but to bring some other patches like Exchange bug etc. So evad3rs team analyzed and tested their tool on all the devices running on iOS 6.1.2 after making some modifications and this is… Continue reading

iOS 6.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak with evasi0n is Not Patched, Says Planetbeing

The cat and mouse act has started once again. But this time it seems very short as Planetbeing confirms that evasi0n exploits are not patched in iOS 6.1.2. Every time Apple releases a new firmware update, they usually include the fix for the existing jailbreak tool. Due to which many users who heavily rely on jailbreak don’t update… Continue reading

iOS 6.1.2 Released to Patch Exchange Calendar Bug – Download Now

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.2 through Over-the-Air Updater for devices to fix exchange calendar bug. Currently the roll-out is very slow and you might not see it right now. After few hours it will be available for all users and even through iTunes. The official change says that it fixes an Exchange Calendar bug that could result in increased… Continue reading