MuscleNerd Jailbreaks iPad 3 – First Screenshots

Earlier we reported that iPhone Dev Team was expecting an early jailbreak on newly released iPad but the result is sooner than the expected time. MuscleNerd has just told his twitter followers that he had successfully jailbroken iPad 3 running on iOS 5.1 He also posts the screenshots of Cydia … Continue reading

Don’t Update to iOS 5.1, iPhone Dev Team Warns Jailbreakers

One of iPhone Dev Team posted a new article on their blog suggesting the current jailbreakers not to update the iOS 5 devices to today’s anticipated iOS 5.1. The team member wrote in the post that the jailbreakers might lose the jailbreak ability once they updated their modern idevices esp … Continue reading

How to Help Make iPhone Jailbreaking Legal Again

If you remember the United State Government passed a ruling back in July 2010 making iPhone jailbreaking legal. According to that DMCA legislation the rooting, jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhone and android tablets is legal until the intention and purpose of jailbreaking is not to violate any copyrighted work. Now … Continue reading