Part 1: Android 2.2 aka Froyo Officially Announced – New UI Features

Today Google has officially announced the next version of android operating system at Google I/O. Android 2.2 which is also know as Froyo is reported 2-5X more faster with more than 20 new features.

The new features can be devided into four categories:

  • New User Interface Features
  • New Platform Technological features
  • New Developers Services
  • New APIs for developers

In this post we will share the new user interface features in brief.

1. Home Screen:

Home Screen in Android 2.2 gets two new featurs. One feature is tips widget and another is dedicated shortcuts for some certain apps.

Tips Widget: This widget helps the new users, esp those users who are new to android OS, to configure the home screen of any android 2.2 based mobile. It tells how to put/arrange shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.

Dedicated Shortcuts: Now there are three dedicated shortcuts on each home screen. These shortcuts are for the Phone, Application Launcher and Browser.

2. Exchange Support:

Under exchange support we get the following new feature in Froyo.

Improved Security: Now you can protect your mobile with a password.

Remote Wipe: If your phone has been stolen or lost, you can reset it to its default settings remotely to wipe all your personal content.

The other two features in Exchange support are auto discovery to easily setup and sync an Exchange Account and another is Global Address Lists Lookup to autocomplete the recipient names from the directory

3. New Camera and Gallery Features:

Camera has got onscreen buttons for different functions like controlling zoom, flash, white balance, geotagging, focus and exposure.

Now you can also set the size and quality of videos for MMS or youtube or according to need.

LED flash is now available for video recording. You can make a video in dark or at night.

4. Tethering:

Tethering option is also available in new Froyo. We have already discussed this feature in our previous post. You can establish upto 8 connections with your android device by tethering.

5. Different Languages for Keyboard:

Different languages can be added for keyboard and the language can be switched with a single tap.

6. General Performance:

Performance has been improved at many levels. Browser speed is enhanced using V8 engine with faster loading of java and other scripts.

Memory management is improved for low memory phones so that apps can be switched easily.

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