PayPal for iPhone Updated with New ‘Check Capture’ Feature

It was being expected and finally the check capture feature has been introduced in the new PayPal version 2.7. Check Capture feature takes the images of the check with iPhone camera and send them to PayPal. The clearance of check usually takes 5-6 days after which the money is added and shown in your PayPal account.

Use the PayPal app to send money to your friends and family, add a check to your PayPal account, and lots more. It’s faster and easier than going to the ATM, writing checks, or sending gifts the traditional way. You can even use it to manage your PayPal account – anytime, anywhere.

The new features introduced in version 2.7 are:

  • Check capture lets you snap a photo of a check and the amount gets added to your PayPal account
  • History improvements make it easier to find past transactions with new search and filter option


  • The new version of PayPal is available to download free from iTunes.

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