Phonebook SIM Card Trick to Activate iPhone Blocked by Apple

Earlier if you didn’t have the supported SIM card to activate your iPhone with iTunes, you could use the Phonebook SIM card for activation. But Apple got the way phonebook sim card trick used to work fixed by hooking the activation wildcard ticket to the ICCID of the used sim.

After this first blockage, the hacker developed another way to use the same Phonebook SIM card trick on jailbreaked iDevices, but Now Apple has also fixed that bug too.

Fortunately the new jailbreak tools (Greenpoison, Limera1n, PwnageTool and Snowbreeze) which are based on Geohot’s Limera1n exploit not only jailbreak the phone but also hacktivate it.

So if you are not on official carrier or don’t have supported SIM card, don’t waste your time and money on Phonebook SIM card purchase because it will not work anymore.

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4 Replies

  1. javasays:

    How do I hacktivate past the emergency call screen? I have an iphone 4 but no original sim. I already ran Greenpoison and didnt get any error but after it reboots, I’m still stuck on the screen that says the phone is not activated. You mentioned the new jailbreak tools also hacktivate it. Can you please tell me which tool that is? Thanks so much.

  2. Alfsays:

    And how we should do it from now on?

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