PhoneItiPad Finally Available For Download In Cydia

Remember the tweak that claims to transform your jailbroken 3G first generation iPad in to a fully functional phone? Yes, PhoneItiPad is now finally available for download in Cydia for a price of $19.99.

PhoneItiPad will turn your iPad 3G into a fully functional phone that is capable of making calls, sending text messages and even making FaceTime calls by number. For $19.99, you get all of these amazing functions on your 3G iPad.

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Also, when you purchase your copy of PhoneItiPad from Cydia, you won’t need to do any hardware alterations in order to turn your 3G iPad into a calling, texting phone. Once you install this tweak, it will make FaceTime calls, send sms messages and allow you to make phone calls just like any normal phone would. However, only first generation jailbroken 3G iPads will be able to use PhoneItiPad, as the iPad 2 can’t be jailbroken as of now.

“Note”: iPad 2 and even iPad 3 are also jailbreakable now but we are not sure this app will work on these devices are not. Please confirm its function on these devices before you purchase this app.

So how to get PhoneItiPad to work on your device? Follow this procedure:

Step 1: Note down the unique ICCID of your 3G iPad. You can view it by going to Settings > General > About. Copy it down with utmost care.

Step 2: Once the unique ICCID has been copied, go here to purchase PhoneItiPad for yourself. Enter the ICCID when you’re prompted to.

Step 3: Once you have purchased your copy of PhoneItiPad, fire up Cydia on your 3G iPad and add this repo:

Step 4: Search and install PhoneItiPad from this repo.

Once you have installed PhoneItiPad on your jailbroken 3G iPad, you will instantly be able to send texts, make calls and FaceTime via numbers. Enjoy!

Please note that entering unique ICCID is a must for PhoneItiPad to work. Those iPad owners who are a bit too conscious about their security might not be at ease when giving the unique ICCID to a third party, however, this step is mandatory.

This video in detail, shows how PhoneItiPad works:

Already got PhoneItiPad working? Comment down below and tell us your experience with it!

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