PR 1.2 Firmware Leaked for Nokia N900


A public release of new firmware for Nokia N900 (maemo) has been leaked by a Chinese website. When the link to this firmware was posted on maemo forums, it was considered unauthentic but soon the experienced users tested it and it was found to be a real thing.

We were expecting  a stable and public release of MeeGo firmware for N900, but Nokia is going to release another maemo version for N900 device.

Tip: You can read the details about previous version of Maemo PR 1.1.1 and how to update the firmware through over the air and manually.

Change Log for 10.2010.16-8 a.k.a PR 1.2:

  • Smoother scrolling
  • Long key press gives numbers
  • FM transmitter still works even though HK models do not have the hardware.
  • Faster. Though this could be due to the reflash..
  • No stuttering while recording video
  • currently skype video chat seems to be still disabled
  • New application manager is awesome!
  • Flash version has been updated
  • USSD codes now work without requiring additional apps

Watch the Video:

Though this firmware is not available via Over the Air Method yet, but you can download the firmware files and update your device manually.

Download LInk – Please use the official Nokia site for the stable and public firmware.

Download Link 2: We have this link too.

Update 1: Firmware 1.2 is still unofficial and it can cause damage. Read the details here.

Update 2: Now the firmware 1.2 has been released officially. Find here the details.

[via Symbian Oasis]

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