PR 1.3 Update for Nokia N900 Released by Nokia

New firmware version PR 1.3 (V20.2010.36-2) is now available for Nokia 900. The detailed changelog is not yet available but officially only two changes are announced: Nokia Ovi Suite Support and performance improvements.

There is one more news. Ovi Music Store is now accessible right from your Nokia n900 where it is available. You can use your inbuilt browser to go to and download your favourite songs in DMR-Free format.

N900 can be updated to PR 1.3 with different methods. The easiest one is via OTA (over-the-air) update.

  1. Select the status area and New updates.
  2. Select Update all, or select the packages to install and Continue.
  3. Confirm the installation.

If you want to update it manually, head over to this post for complete step by step instructions.

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