Here Are Few Tips to Fix / Prevent Damage and Cracking of Lightning iPhone Charging Cables

frayed iphone cable

Apple introduced new lightning cable with iPhone 5 in 2012, the one end of which is reversible while the other end which goes into adapter is non-reversible USB. Apple also told us that this new cable was more durable, smaller in size and all digital with 8 signal design. No doubt this lightning cable is easier to handle and less prone to damaging and fraying than the previous 30-pin cables.

But still many users find the cables quality could be improved and are not happy with the cable durability. The most common problem the people are complaining about, on Apple store review section and on other different media, is the cracking and fraying of the portion which is near to device-plug-in end. If you want to see the pictures of frayed cables, you can visit this dedicated tumblr page. Here are few pictures we took from that page.

frayed iphone cable

damaged lightning cable


Before we tell you how you can prevent the fraying of lightning cables, we think it is better to tell a solution to those users who have already done damage to their asset. In fact, most people don’t search for preventive measures and they only start worrying after something bad has happened and then they look for a solution.

Some researchers think cable are reasonably strong and it is users who get damaged due to mal-handling. I don’t want to blame the users only for this, Apple is also responsible equally because they could improve the quality further. However, often these damages are out of control of both provider and end users.

How to Repair / Replace Free Frayed Lightning Cables:

Solution 1: Get a replacement

We have many confirmed reports that if you have a frayed cable, you could go to an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center along with your iPhone and they will give you a new charging cable without asking many questions. Very few stores won’t give you a replacement. In that case either you can visit another nearby store or if you remain unsuccessful you can repair it using the solution 2.

Solution 2: Repair Frayed Cable

In this article, frayed cable means that only the outer coating is damaged otherwise cable itself performs its function very well. So if this is the case with your charging cable too, the first thing you should do is to put tapes around the damaged area and then follow the preventive measures listed below.

How to Minimize Cracking, Damaging and Fraying of Lightning Cables:

Here are few tips you could try to prevent or minimize the damage to the charging cables.

Tip 1:

Always try to plug-in and plug-out the cable by firming holding the connecting part of the cable. Don’t pull out the cable.

Tip 2:

Remove any bends while charging or storing the cable. The constant bending pressure is the most dangerous causative agent of this damage. Even when you are travelling, first properly pack / roll the cable before inserting it into your briefcase or car trays. Don’t put it into your pockets.

Tip 3:

The most fragile parts of the cable are its both ends. You can either put some extra tape on both ends or you can also circle around them a spring which you can get from inside a pencil so that the ends don’t bend much.


Tip 4:

Don’t let the adapter ON after the charging is complete. Remove your device as soon as possible and turn off the circuit so that the current doesn’t keeping flowing which may cause the outer covering heat-up.

Tip 5:

Don’t store your cable in very cool or hot places. The very high and very low temperatures can weaken the bonds present in the outer plastic covering / coating.

If you follow these tips, you extend the life of your cables up to a reasonable time.

We are also getting reports that Apple might introduce new lightning cable at iPhone 6 event next week which could be reversible on both ends. But this news is still a rumor and there is no confirmation from any official channel.

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2 Replies

  1. Morissays:

    I always use tip 3 on my every new iPhone charging cable. It is better to add a protection on the first day, instead of repairing them later.

    Roll any wire around the next and then tape it. That’s all.

  2. Natosokysays:

    I always put solution tape around the cable just below the connecting part. It is really helpful in extending the life of the charging cable, especially in the case when my kids always pull it from where every they want.

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