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If you are an iPhone user and using an unofficial carrier, you will be well aware of what is Baseband Preservation and what we can get if it is done. The working of Ultrasnow, a popular unlocking tool which frees your iPhone, iPod from any carrier, depends on baseband. If the baseband is changed after updating the idevice to latest iOS, your phone will be no more unlocked until or unless new (version) of Ultrasnow is used to re-unlock it.

So all this means that if we keep the baseband preserved while updating the idevice, the unlock will remain alive. The iPhone Dev Team is working on this new feature in upcoming SHAtter based jailbreak tool “GreenPoison“.

When an iPhone user asked MuscleNerd about ETA of iOS 4.1 jailbreak, he revealed the inner secret which was not known to anybody till now.

This is what was asked:

Someone on Chronic Dev is acting like God… I don’t support cracked apps too. Why your team don’t release a JB anyway? Why?

MuscleNerd’s reply:

we are also releasing new PT (primarily for those who need to update FW without updating BB, to keep unlock)

We don’t know the exact time of arrival for jailbreak tool yet, but it is sure that the team is working on Greenpoison which will preserver the baseband as well for those who rely on unlocking. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

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