How to Use Notes App to Password Protect Photos on iPhone and iPad

how to password protect photos on iphone

Do you want to hide your confidential pictures and documents under password on your iPhone and iPad without using a third party application? In that case here is a simple solution to lock your photos with a password.

how to password protect photos on iphone

If you search through Google, a lot of articles on the internet will inform you that you have to install some specific applications from the Apple’s App Store in order to protect iPhone photos in a secured album or place.

The protection mechanism of all these third-party apps is almost similar. You have to make a folder or album on the installed app, move your sensitive photos to that folder, trash the original ones from the Photos app and at the end, remove the deleted photos from the Recently Deleted folder of Photos app.

However, with the release of iOS 11, we don’t need to install any third party software to lock our precious photos. We can password protect photos on iPhone using the native Notes app.

How to Password Protect Photos on iPhone and iPad Using Notes:

First of all fire up Notes app. On the main screen, you’ll see some folders under different accounts. If you want to make a new folder for your pictures, tap on the “New Folder” at the right-bottom and select the account.

  • iCloud
  • On my iPhone

If you select the iCloud account and you have already used the same Apple ID on other devices, the protected photos may be visible on some other devices without requiring a password. So, it is better to select “On my iPhone” account instead of iCloud. However, if you use your Apple ID on the current device only, you can select any of these accounts.

In case you don’t see “On my iPhone” account in the Notes app, you can enable it in the Settings > Notes.

hide iPhone photos using password

Give a name to your newly created folder.

Now Open the folder and tap on the note icon to create a new note under this folder. In the new note, you’ll see a small plus icon just above the keyboard. Tap on this plus button to add the pictures from the Photo library. You can also take a new picture with the camera at this stage.

how to set password for album in iPhone photos

Select the Album from the Photos and find the picture or pictures you want to password protect on the iPhone. Tap on Done button to add all these selected photos in the newly created note.

The next step is to lock the current note. Simply tap on share icon in the top right corner and then select “Lock Note” from the pop-up menus. Enter the Notes app password to lock the note. You can also use your fingerprint if you have enabled Touch ID for notes.

best method to lock photos in iphone

In case you have not set the password for your Notes app yet, go to Settings > Notes > Password and set a new password.

Tap on the lock icon at the top to lock the current note immediately. Tap on it again to unlock it.

After you have locked the note, go to Photos and delete those photos which you have added to the note. In the last step, remove these photos from the “Recently Deleted” album too.

How to Save Pictures from Locked Note to Photos App:

Notes app also allows the users to export all the locked attachments back to the Photos app. For this purpose, open the locked note, tap on share icon and then select “Save N Pics” option from the pop-up menu.

How to set password on photos in iPhone

Are the Photos Really Protected Using this Method?

Yes. I have tested this method several times and tried to access them using different methods and applications but couldn’t succeed so far.

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