Protecti+ iOS 7 Tweak Takes the Privacy to Higher Level on iPhone


By default Apple provides only one solution to protect your device from unauthorized use and that is Passcode lock. Once you have set the passcode then nobody can use your device, except few options which you have enabled to be available on lockscreen like access to camera app, notifications and control centre. But there are many situations in which you want to give access to few features and apps of the iPhone but protect the others.

Many apps and tweaks are already available in the App Store and in the third-party Cydia store. But today we are going to share a new iOS 7 tweak, called Protecti+, which takes your privacy to even a higher level, by providing you a lot more features and actions which may not be available in other apps of this category.

Protecti+ protects almost everything with a quick gesture. You can bind the “enable function” with a gesture of Activator and lock your device from anywhere and in any app. It not only hides the apps icons but also disables their edits.

Another interesting function it bears is that it can prevent any app accessing your photos. You can lock the photos which are then not available by any app.

When we call that it takes the privacy to higher level, it means it also disables some other features which can be used to check what is installed or what was open recently on the iPhone. Protect+ can disable Notification centre, both alerts and banners and even on lockscreen, control centre, Siri and Spotlight.


Protect Siri, spotlight on iphone

Once it is enabled, the App Switcher will not be available to the users but only Homescreen. However, after disabling the app you can see what was recently accessed.

As we told you Protect+ can be enabled by a simple gesture, similarly it can also be disabled by using a special half-way unlock stealth mode. There are few more options available in it. Like, you can disable loading the Protecti+ settings by using the option available in the app.

disable protecti settings

You can download and install this app from the Cydia store after jailbreaking your device. But this app is not free. It will cost you $1.99 that is not a big amount when it comes to privacy of your iPhone.

If you don’t want to pay for this app, there is also a new iOS 7 tweak released today which is iAppLock. It protects Apps, mails, photos etc by setting a passcode.



iAppLock is available free of cost in the Cydia Store, but we’d recommend you to give a try to Protecti+ if you want to control the privacy on your iPhone like a pro.

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