Qik Premium: What Will You Get?


Qik has announced a premium version of app for selected Nokia Phones through Ovi Store. If you don’t know, Qik is a service which allows you to stream your videos on the web directly from your phone.

A free version of Qik is already available. The main difference between free and premium Qik is an option to download the videos on your computer to burn them in DVDs.

The main features you will get with Qik Premium are:

  • You can save your videos (MPEG-4) on your computer, add them to your media library and burn all these videos into DVDs.
  • Premium members will be able to watch the videos in HQ mode (high quality transcoding).
  • Premium members can switch to NON-HD mode if the connection is slow. The videos will be optimized for both slow and faster networks while uploading and this feature will be available on Qik Premium only.
  • Coming Next: Ability to upload and share videos recorded with your mobile phone’s native camera application.


You can download Qik Premium from Ovi Store for a special promotional price $4.99/year. This special promotional price ends March 31, 2010.

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