"Question" New Facebook Feature, Here is How to Enable Question on Your Profile

Facebook is testing new feature which is called as “Question“. Using this feature you can ask anything and all your friends and friends of your friends can reply to your question.

Moreover you can also include a Poll in your question. The poll can be open-ended meaning other users can also add new options or it can be close-ended.

Like many of our products, Questions originated as people began using Facebook in a new and unexpected way. People would update their status with a question, and their friends would answer in the comments. We saw this and began thinking about how we could make this interaction more useful. Over the summer, we began testing Questions with a small group of people, and today we are beginning to roll it out to everyone.

Questions will also enable you to cast a wider net. Now, when your friends answer one of your questions, their friends can answer it too. For more unusual questions, you can get advice from a broader group of people, but to keep it most relevant we filter the answers to show you first what your friends think. You can see more responses by clicking “others” within the question.

How to Enable Question on Your Facebook Profile:

‘Question’ is not available for all Facebook users but if you want to enable it before it is rolled out for your, just visit this link and click on “Enable Questions”.

We have also added a question to our Shoutpedia Facebook Fanpage for iPhone readers. Just visit our Facebook fanpage and share your thoughts.

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