How to Record Phone Conversations on Mac Without any App

how to record a phone conversation on Mac Computer

Do you want to record your phone calls and conversations on Mac without using any third-party software or applications? In this post, we are going to present a very simple solution to save all the phone calls on the Mac storage space.

It is to be noted that this method is not limited to any specific phone model. Whether you have an expensive phone, like an iPhone’s latest model or a Samsung’s Galaxy series, or a very old Nokia phone, you can apply this method to save phone conversations. Even if you have an iPad or any other tablet, you can also use it for this purpose.

how to record a phone conversation on Mac Computer

Before taping the voice of the second party, it is very important to check local government laws. Some states don’t allow recording the voice calls. Some countries, though, take no legal action against recording the voice conversations but they don’t allow the people to spread such type of saved material or present it in the court for any legal proceedings.

How to Record a Phone Conversation With Mac

The requirements for this procedure are not much complicated. All you will need a Mac with a built-in microphone, a phone with an active calling service, and a noise-free place.

  1. Fire up your Mac machine and launch QuickTime Player. If you don’t find where this app is located, use the spotlight search option to quickly find it. quicktime-saving-voice-calls
  2. Click on File and then click on New Audio Recording option of QuickTime Player. new audio recording
  3. A new audio recording window will open. How to tape call conversations on Mac
  4. Now take out your phone, and make an outgoing call to the desired person or receive the incoming call.
  5. Tap on the speaker icon on your phone to put the call on the loudspeaker mode. If you are using an old phone, without a touchscreen, press the relevant physical button(s) to enable speaker mode on that device. Put the call on speaker mode
  6. When you are ready, press the “record” button on the QuickTime Player’s Audion Recording module to start recording the phone conversations on Mac.
  7. When you are finished with the recording, press the “record” button again to stop preserving the phone conversations on Mac.
  8. Save the recorded file.

This method is very handy in those situations where you don’t have an internet connection to install a phone call recorder app on your mobile, or when you don’t have a smartphone with you.

The main downside of this method is that the quality of the recorded sound may not be of high quality, especially when you are recording the conversations in a noisy place. But if the quality of the sound is not your primary purpose of saving the calls, this is one of the easiest method available so far.

There are also many other methods available for the said purpose, but again they may require some third-party applications or hardware tools to accomplish the same task. These methods also vary from phone to phone.

For example, if you have got an iPhone, you can simply transfer the calls to your voicemail inbox to save them there, or you can also use Screen Recording feature of the iPhone in order to record the audio. Some third-party apps are also available in the App Store to record phone calls on iPhone. In newer Mac OS versions, you can also make and receive calls directly from/on your Mac computer.

Similarly, Android operating system also provides a number of methods and applications to save the calling voice on your android phone.

But if you want to bypass all these third-party solutions and get the recorded voice on your computer, simply bring your phone near to your Mac and start recording the calls using QuickTime player.

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