Redsnow 0.9.7 will Bring Pwned DFU Mode to Restore Custom iOS for Windows Users

MuscleNerd has just tweeted that upcoming Redsnow, possibly Redsnow v0.9.7, will offer a new pwned-DFU mode based on Geohot’s limerain exploit.

This new mode will enable all the windows users to restore the custom iOS IPWS firmware. It means it will work just like the PwnageTool which does the same type of job on Mac machines (but PwnageTool also cooks the custom iOS firmware).

It is really big news for all those Windows users who rely on unlock and want to update their iPhone to latest iOS 4.1 without changing/updating the baseband. As you know that there is no unlock available for iOS 4.1 till now though iPhone dev team is working on it.

It is to remind you that next version of Snowbreeze is already under developement for Windows users that also cooks / restores custom firmware for iPhone users on Windows. iH8snow, the developer of Snowbreeze has already confirmed that Snowbreeze 2.1 will be based on Limera1n exploit too.

So Redsn0w (0.9.7) and Snowbreeze 2.1 are coming soon, after the release the iOS 4.2 in November, for iPhone users who don’t have access to Mac and want to keep the existing baseband intact.

Tip: If you are on Mac, you can use PwnageTool to update iPhone to iOS4.1 without changing the baseband.

Update 1: According to another tweey by MuscleNerd, new version of Redsnow will be released tonight and it will also bring back custom bootlogos for iPhone3GS owners with older bootroms.

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2 Replies

  1. Kingpuchisays:

    redsnow 0.9.7 window version

  2. mikesays:

    hey good to know.ive had an iphone for two years nowits a 3g 8gb black. ive jailbroken it 2 times since ive gotten it .its ran great, but not until recently i wanted to switch my service a nutshell, i fucked shit up hard.basically i bought a plan and a sim card, went home and pop’d in my new plan.thinking my phone was unlocked.which is was! with ultra or red snow .. whichever it is in cydia . (repo666. or something)so, thinking i wasnt unlocked anymore i deleted the unlock program, reinstalled. and i decided to use black rain, now i setup the thing in cydia and boom.i get shot to the bootscreen for 30 minutes.SO THEN, i reset my whole fucking phone.i mean, everything. and wierdly enough, i was running 4.0.1 before all this happend.. and when the NEW sim was popped in , it didnt recognize, but when i went to “about” tab, it said “telus 7.2” under the carrier.BUT when i go and select carrier from the actual “carrier” tab in settings.. it searches and finds “rogers wireless” (original lock) …. so now im stuck with a locked, unjailbroken phone, running 4.1…. LMAOO.. PLEASEEE HELP MEE . PM IF U’D LIKE TO CHAT . ILL KEEP CHEKCING THIS THO

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