Redsnow Jailbreak Source Code is Going to Be Open Source

iPhone Dev Team remained always reluctant to release the source code of jailbreak softwares for iDevices mainly due to piracy issues. The main threat of open source is that the so-called hackers and developers repack the source code and sell the softwares with their own names.

However, MuscleNerd, a key member of iPhone Dev Team, has just replied to @chpwn’s tweet that Redsnow will be open source soon.

chpwn: Still sad that PwnageTool and redsn0w have been out for years without releasing source code :(. Jailbreaks should be open! @iphone_dev

MuscleNerd: @chpwn redsn0w will be open source soon :)

On the other side a common user only wants jailbreak tools from reliable and secure sources and above all free of cost and being an end user I will also go with @izsh1911:

What do you think the jailbreak source codes should be open or not? Please leave your comments below.

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