How to Reduce Home Button Delay (Lag) on iOS 7 iPhone

ios 7 home button delay

I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 7 after waiting a long time for iOS 6.0.3 jailbreak. But as you know there is was no such thing around the corner then, I finally decided to install the latest version on it. After the update the first thing which I noticed was iPhone home button was showing delay response on iOS 7.

iphone home button

First I thought it might be due to some apps, so I updated all the apps, deleted unwanted and occasionally used games but even then there was no satisfactory home button working experience.

I even used those methods which are not recommended normally. Like, I soaked a cotton swab with petrol and rubbed it on the home button. I also placed few drops on it so that it goes into the internal parts to lubricate them. But the result was zero.

Today while exploring the Settings on iOS 7, I found a new Home Button Option which is called Home-click speed. After changing this option my iOS 7 Home Button issue resolved up to 80 percent. If you are also facing home button lag on iOS 7, you should give this feature a try.

Try These Settings to Reduce iOS 7 Home Button Lag and Delay on iOS 7

Step 1: Open Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Scroll down the Accessibility page and you’ll see PHYSICAL & MOTOR.

ios 7 home button delay

Step 2: Tap on Home-click speed.

Step 3: If it is set to Slowest, select Slow and check whether Home button response is better. If not, select the Default option.

iOS 7 home button not working

When I set it to Default, the home button delay was reduced a lot. But still it seemed to me that there is some slowness. Now I also enabled “Reduce Motion” under the same Accessibility page.

reduce motion home button ios 7

iOS 7 home button animation

Voila! The button was working just like it used to work on older iOS versions.

If you are also facing iOS 7 home button lag / delay, try these features. If these simple steps didn’t resolve your problem, in that case you should either search any other solution or the button is faulty and you should consult a qualified technician.

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