How to Restart iPhone and iPad Without Using Any Hardware Buttons Like Power or Home

restart iphone

By default Apple’s iOS doesn’t contain any function to restart your iPhone or iPad. The first suitable option we have is by using the hardware buttons. As per the official documents, we have to shut down our device first and then start it again using power button in order to reboot the device.

restart iphone

Besides this oficial way of restarting your device, users have also found a trick which involves both home and power buttons. If you keep pressed power button first and home button for five seconds, the device will reboot.

However, if the home button of your iPhone / iPad is broken, damaged or not functioning, you can’t use any of above mentioned method.

In this situation here are two simple methods which would allow you to reboot your phone without touching any hardware button.

Tip: If your device is jailbroken, you can simply install a tweak or app from the Cydia store for this purpose.

But if you are still running an unmodified and officially compiled iOS firmware, you can use one of  these simple methods.

Tip: In case both home and power buttons on your device are not working and you want to put your device into DFU mode, we also have a solution for that problem.

Method Number 1: Restart iPhone Using Bold Text Feature

Apple has incorporated many new features in Accessibility section under “General” category of settings app in iOS 7. One of these features is you can turn the text of your phone a little bolder by using “Bold Text” option.

In order to navigate to this option, fire up your settings app, go to General and then tap on “Accessibility”. There you’ll find “Bold Text” toggle below “Larger Text” and above “Button Shapes” options.

reboot iphone without hardware button

Now tap on Bold Text and a pop up will appear having a warning that ‘applying this setting will restart your iPhone’. Now tap on “Continue” and your iPad or iPhone will reboot.

Method Number 2: By Resetting Network Settings

In the above mentioned method we don’t lose anything while making the text bolder or normal. In fact we get “restart” as a byproduct of the feature. The same is case  with this method but at the cost of losing networking settings.

If we reset “Network Settings’, the device immediately reboots to remove the already entered settings. You lose WiFi settings and WiFi passwords, VPN details and bluetooth connections. You’ll have to input all the values again when required.

In order to reset network settings, simply open Settings app, swipe down to “Reset” option and then tap on “Reset Network Settings”. A confirmatory message will pop up to collect your final decision.

network settings restart-1

Before you go for this method, make it sure you have already noted down the WiFi passwords, VPN details etc somewhere for future use.

If you know any other way to give a restart to your phone, please share with our readers.

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  1. Naresh jeenwal singhsays:

    My brother in law given me iphone 4s but some one create icloud id,dont know the password pls help me.

    1. Aamir Usmansays:

      Which iOS version it is running on?

  2. Jacquilinesays:

    Method 1 is amazing. Though I don’t restart my iPhone often, but the first trick is faster than the official Power button. And it is still working in iOS 9.

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