Rumor: Nokia C2 Leaked

An Italian website has leaked another symbian based Nokia C2 mobile. After adopting the new naming strategy for mobiles, Nokia has already announced / leaked some new phones like C3, C6, E5, C4, C5, N8 etc.

Nokia C2 appears to have a QWERTY keyboard with screen rotation like the old Nokia 6820. Though it is only a primary sketch and some features might be changed in the final version but it would be an amazing low-end new device.


The leaked picture shows the following brief specs:

  • 2 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics
  • 240×320 pixels screen
  • And there will be rotational feature too.

The picture also indicates that there will be front camera and we can’t see any navigation buttons, so it would be, most probably, a touch phone.

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