Safari Omnibar Removes Search Box and Adds Chrome Like Omnibar to Mobile Safari

Do you want to remove the search bar from your iPhone/iPad mobile Safari browser? And do you want to add chrome-like omnibar with search-the-page support? Here is the answer to these questions available in the form of Safari Omnibar cydia tweak.

Safari Omnibar removes the search box but still allows the users to search through Google search engine by entering the text other than a URL in the address bar. If a correct address is entered, Safari will fetch and display that website, otherwise it would display the Google results for that term.

Here is the screen of my website just after I installed Safari Omnibar cydia tweak on my iPhone.

And here is the screenshot when you tap on address bar to enter some text or URL.

You can see that a search option is available on the right of address bar which when pressed would display all the words on that specific page. I entered “shoutpedia” and tap on “Go” button. Then I re-entered “shoutpedia” term and tap on search icon. Here is the result.

This tweak is really helpful for those developers who have to find something on the current page. You can get this tweak free of cost from Cydia store. In case you missed, here are some tweaks we covered recently.

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