Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Likely To Drop After The Release Of iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S II, which was released few months ago, has rocked the Android smartphone market. And it has been at the top in the smartphone market, also beating the longstanding iPhone 4.


Take a look at the smartphone market sales till now,

Android Smartphones Sales

So the sales of the Samsung GS II have been the strongest after the iPad 2. Even the Apple’s iPhone 4 is having only 11.2% sales, and compared to the sale of Samsung GSII which has 42.5%, it seems quite small, almost 1/4.

This Samsung Galaxy S II has the fastest processor yet available in the industry, and is 4 times faster than iPhone 4’s processor.

According to 9to5Mac

Samsung implemented a 4-core version of the Mali-400 in the 4210 and its resulting performance is staggering as you can see above. Although it’s still not as fast as the PowerVR SGX 543MP2 found in the iPad 2, it’s anywhere from 1.7 – 4x faster than anything that’s shipping in a smartphone today.

Now, the only big question is that, would the Samsung GS II able to survive in the market when the Apple’s next product, the iPhone 5 is out?

And the only answer that comes to us is that nobody would prefer buying Samsung GS II while the iPhone 5 is released. So, the era of Samsung GS II is likely to last only a month, as the iPhone 5 is believed to be released in the first half of October. And seeing the Apple’s history in breaking the sales record, who would buy Samsung GS II while they can have a grab at the latest gadget by the tech giant, Apple. (via iDownloadBlog)

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  1. Monarkysays:

    Right!!! haha… and iPhone 5 sales will drop after Samsung releases Galaxy SII HD! lol…. But wait…. there’s more!

    Samsung has so many big surprises coming your way it’s going to be amazing. They have Quad cores and dual cores coming at 28nm/32nm process this year. Not even TSMC has put out production of ARM SoC’s on their 28nm node yet like Samsung has. Samsung had the first ARM A9’s at 32nm coming off line last year. Where’s Apple in this picture? Just another foundry customer that when they leave it’ll make room for more customers they’ve been ignoring for Apple, including themselves. Where they can make more profit from as well. Kind of like Apple making more obscene profits off their lame iDiot customers! ;)

    Next year? Apple won’t even be able to catch the pace of Samsung’s innovations. Their Galaxy Flexible Skin will Apple’s teeth in! haha… yeah it’s real and Samsung is coming right at you Apple!

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