Samsung Hires HP Exec, Another Step Towards Buying WebOS or PC Business?

Earlier Samsung was rumored of buying Web OS from Hp but today a new move from the Korean company strengthens the rumor. Samsung has hired HP’s ex-vice president of PSG marketing Raymond Wah to handle Samsung’s PC sales.

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Besides this hiring there are other two factors which point us to believe on this rumor. The first factor is Apple and the second one is Korean Government. Recently we came to know that Apple is going to abandon the Samsung Chips in next generation iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and that the Cupertino based company looking for new manufacturers to develop its own designed A6 chips. The second pressure comes from Korean government which wants Samsung to drop Android and focus on developing its own operating system with the collaboration of other Korean companies like LG.

HP has announced selling its PC business and scrap Web OS after the early rumors of Samsung buying a new Web OS came out. So most probably, Samsung is buying the WebOS from HP. While on the other side, DigiTimes claim that Samsung would be more interested in buying WebOS software, originally developed by Palm. Both Samsung, and HP are declining to comment on this issue.


Well, if acquisition is carried out, it would make Samsung stronger not only against Apple, but Google as well. Google too recently bought Motorolla  giving it a strong hold on the gadget industry.

Earlier this month, Google announced it will acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The deal gives Google access to Motorola’s extensive patent portfolio, but also puts the search giant into the hardware business, as Motorola is a significant manufacturer of Android-powered devices.

Since earlier this year, Apple and Samsung has been connected in a number of legal disputes, with the Cupertino, California-based company accusing the other of copying the iPhone and iPhone when designing its line of mobile devices. Now Samsung could also power its line of smartphones and tablets with the new WebOS and also “differentiate its Windows-based PC business.”

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