Samsung Planning For A Full Revenge: Asks For A Ban On iPhone, iPad In The Netherland

If you remember, just a few days ago, a senior executive officer told the Korean Times, that Samsung was planning to sue Apple for infringing of some patents just after the release of iPhone 5. It looks like Samsung can’t wait for iPhone 5 release, as it has asked to ban iPhones and iPads in the Netherland. Samsung is in a way, taking its revenge for ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany by Apple.

Samsung Vs AppleThis report was first released by, which said that Samsung claims a ban on Apple’s all 3G products such as iPad, and iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. As all iPhones (except for the original) released to date make use of 3G technology, this ban would hold not only for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, but also for the upcoming iPhone 5, so Apple is really in trouble.

The Dutch site, said that

Samsung requires an import, trading and sales ban for all iPhones and iPads that use 3G technology. Samsung claims that prohibition not only for Apple, but also five private companies that distribute and sell the products.

Monday addresses the court at the request of Apple, based on whether patents are very general ban can be enforced.

Samsung claims that all the 3G products of Apple infringe its patents and it wants to pull them off the shelves in Netherland. Samsung said that Apple was “freeriding” with regards to the Samsung patents, so Samsung is likely to get a good advantage if iPhones and iPads are banned in the Netherlands.

Apple’s lawyers responded to this move by setting up a hearing to discuss the licensing issues with Samsung. Apple will have to pay the license fees if it wants to continue selling its products in the Netherlands. And if it doesn’t then, Samsung can even proceed to banning Apple’s 3G products in Netherland. (via TechCrunch and

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