Download TinyUmbrella 4.1.5 to Save SHSH Blobs for AppleTV iOS 4.1

TinyUmbrella gets an update to support the AppleTV. For those who are not following the updates, Apple TV also runs on iOS 4.1 and Jailbreak Gurus have already confimed it that Apple TV can be jailbroken and made to run apps on it.

So it is very necessary that you save Apple TV SHSH blobs as soon as possible with TinyUmbrella v 4.1.5. Chronic Dev Team is already working on new jailbreak that will support iOS 4.1 on iPhone and iPod and the chances are that SHAttered based Jailbreak will also be able to jailbreak AppleTV on iOS 4.1.

While updating the UI I decided to slip in Apple TV support. This incremental update will allow you to save your SHSH for your shiny new Apple TV. With someĀ amazing things just around the corner, it’s very important to save your SHSH to allow you to restore your Apple TV to its initial factory iOS version. Enjoy


  • Download TinyUmbrella 4.1.5 to Save the SHSH blobs

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