How to Schedule the Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone


If you love WhatsApp on iPhone, then there is a good news for you. A new tweak called Message Scheduler for WhatsApp has been developed which lets you schedule the messages to be sent later. This tweak is available in the Cydia store and, of course, your device should be already jailbroken to install it. Fortunately, the latest public build of iOS for all iPhone models is yet jailbreakable.


Why to Schedule the Messages in WhatsApp?

The answer of this question is not so simple and mostly depends on either personal preference or convenience. There are many types of messages which the user want to send later at any other time and at the same time doesn’t want to use any other app to remember them, like birthday wishes, special quotes on a special day, any assignment link, a picture etc etc.

Of course there are a lot of reminding apps already available, and the most prominent one is Apple’s own “Reminders”, but sometimes people don’t want to either use any third party app or include that particular message in their primary reminding application. Then they want to get a simple method to store the message in the WhatsApp itself to send it later.

How Message Scheduler Works?

Let me make it clear for you first that this tweak is not a true scheduler. What it means is that when you schedule any message to be sent at a specific time and date, it doesn’t send it. In fact it pushes a notification and reminds you that a message is ready to send. When you get the notification, you can send the message with just one tap,  edit it or simply cancel it.


The tweak doesn’t have any configurations for itself after the installation. To schedule the message, simply type the message and then type and hold the “SEND” button. You’ll see a pop-up selection box. Simply select the very first option “Schedule a message” and then set the date and time.



At the set time and date you’ll get the push notification regardless WhatsApp is running or your device is locked.

This tweak is really handy for wishing a Happy Birthday, or other holidays.

Message Scheduler for WhatsApp”  is available in the Cydia store under BigBoss repo, however it is not free. You’ll have to pay $0.99 for one time to install it.

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