Installing Firefox Home on Your iPhone [Howto Guide]

installing firefox home on ipad

Firefox Home has been accepted to Apple’s App Store. Firefox home is not a browser but it gives access to Firefox Bookmarks, browsing history and open tabs – all from within iPhone browser.

Here are complete instructions to install and set up Firefox HomeĀ  on your iPhone/iPad:

Step 1: Open Firefox on your desktop and install the add-on Firefox Sync. Restart your firefox browser.

Step 2: The firefox will restart with the Add-ons window open.Click Options -> Preferences to open the Sync panel.

Step 3: Click Set up Firefox Sync.

Step 4: Now click I have never used Sync before.

Step 5: Create the username and password and enter your email address.

Step 6: Create the secret phrase. The secrete phrase must not match with your password.

Step 7: At this point choose what information to sync. Be default Firefox Sync will synchronize everything.

Step 8: Complete the rest of setup process by entering the text in the image. Firefox sync will automatically start sync in the background.

Step 9: Now download the Firefox Home from App Store on your iPhone/iPod.

Step 10: After you launch the app, select “I have a Sync Account

Step 11: Enter you Firefox Sync username, password and secrete phrase.

Step 12: After you are logged in, the Firefox will start copying all of your information from your Firefox Sync Account.

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