Simple Root .1: Root and Unlock HTC Evo 4G with One Click

root HTC Evo 4G with simpleroot

If you root your HTC Evo 4G with conventional method, you will have to follow about 50 steps using different commands. Simple Root .1 is a simple solution for windows users to root your smartphone in one click.

This VB.Net based software can also unlock the flash memory and flash the firmware image onto Evo 4G.

The developer says:

After hours of trying to figure out a way to make Mast3rpyr0’s batch files work correctly, I noticed it had problems sending certain commands. So I decided to use some of his batch file codes, and create a VB.NET application along with batch files. I have unrooted and rooted my personal phone multiple times trying to get this to work. I tested the app 3times!! Each time Unrooting my phone! All three times its has been successful!

Simple Root is free to download and use, but be aware bad things can happen due to rooting and firware modifying tools. For more details and usage instructions, you should visit the XDA-Developers forums.

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