Sites Discontinue IMEI Based iPhone Unlocking Service [Confirmed]

Last week we reported that many websites were offering IMEI based iPhone unlocking service. They did so by entering the IMEI number of locked iPhone into the “whitelist” of Apple’s database. Though it is still unclear what route they adopted but it is sure they had access to that particular database.

According to CultofMac:

CutYourSim’s contact clearly had access to that database, making that contact either an official Apple employee or, more likely, someone with access to that database in one of the United Kingdom’s five official iPhone carriers: O2, Vodafone, 3 Network, Tesco Mobile and Orange.

Today the leading and reliable sites including CutYourSIM and SuperPaddy have discontinued this service and started to refund those who couldn’t get the remote unlockings of their devices.

After performing over 400 unlocks, CutYourSIM discontinued the service stating on its blog:

Today we have decided discontinue the service we offered for remotely unlocking any iPhone.  For the customers who already paid, and received their unlocks a few days ago, they do not need to do anything because they made the cutoff for our service.  All customers who paid via PayPal or Google Checkout will be refunded.  Due to the high number of orders we had, please allow some time before receiving your cancellations/refunds.

We do plan on offering iPhone unlocking services in the near future after we send out cancellations and refunds, but the service will be different, it will be for iPhones locked to certain carriers.  Once we take care of the refunds, we will post more about this new service we are going to offer.  Please keep checking back, and follow our twitter page for the latest updates.

Even SuperPaddy has also confirmed the discontinuation of service through its twitter account:

The post from CutYouSim hints that the service may come back online soon but it doesn’t look good.

Stay tuned to this site for more information.

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