Skyfire for Android Gets Update: Converts Flash Content into HTML 5

The skyfire browser has been updated to a new version 2.1 for android based mobile phones. This version brings many improvements, but the important is how they are taking flash content from web and delivering to your mobile.

Skyfire handles the flash content through its servers. It takes the video, regardless of format, converts it into HTML 5 and throws back onto your mobile. This whole procedure takes few seconds and you watch an uninterrupted video on your mobile screen.

Skyfire is already available for Symbian and Windows based mobile phones, and soon it will be submitted to App Store for approval. As you know Apple/iPhone 4 doesn’t like the Adobe’s flash player and they prefer HTM 5 language, so this browser will be exclusive for iPhone users to watch the flash content.

Adobe has released the Flash 10.1 for some android mobile phones, but many people think Adobe’s flash is lazy in some situations and/or in some handsets.

Try this browser as a good alternative. To download it, point your browser to or search it in android market.

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