Skype for iPad Available In App Store For Download On Tuesday?

Apparently, it is being claimed that a Skype app optimized for the iPad is going to be live at the App Store as soon as Tuesday. This news spread across the internet when an alleged video promo of Skype for iPad went live on Skype’s YouTube channel. Nevertheless in the video, Skype for iPad definitely looks awesome.

Since that happened, the video was quickly made private. One thing is for sure though, that a promo of Skype for iPad is uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel and will definitely go live once again, when the app is finally released in the App Store.

Previously, there has been no optimized Skype app for the iPad. Ever since the iPad 2 was released with dual-cameras, many loyal Skype users have longed for a native app. Regardless of the fact that Skype for iPhone did work on the new iPad as well, it wasn’t optimized and was sure not good in the looks department.

This new Skype for iPad app has video calling (obviously) and support for making calls over 3G and WiFi. The UI seems polished and easy to use with a host of different animations. This is basically what this video shows us, however final word on the functionality and practicality of Skype for iPad will only be given once it releases in the App Store, possibly this Tuesday.

As Skype has made the video private, the re-uploaded Skype for iPad promo video has been embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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