Snowbreeze 2.1 Jailbreak for All iOS 4.1 Devices Teased with Screenshots

iH8snow, the man behind the Snowbreeze, has just released the screenshots of upcoming Snowbreeze 2.1 that will support all idevices jailbreak on iOS 4.1.

We don’t know about ETA of Snowbreeze 2.1 yet, but we can expect it soon after the release of PwnageTool that is similar to Snowbreeze but works on Mac.

Snowbreeze is very important for all those iPhone users who rely on unlock and want to update their idevices to latest iOS 4.1. Ultrasnow, an unlock tool that supports up to iOS 4.0, cannot unlock iOS 4.1 due to the change of baseband.

The release date for Snowbreeze 2.1 is not very far, in fact you can count the days on your fingers now. Here are the screenshots of latest snowbreeze:

[ Tip by @syzwnghani ]

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2 Replies

  1. Klv611says:

    did my 3G that was allready jailbroken and unlocked.Everything went fine until phone has to reboot.Got stucked on snowbreeze logo.Any ideas?

  2. Klv611says:

    I have an unlock 3g and want to update to 4.1 with snowbreeze.Is this going to rezerve my unlock?

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