Some Tips and Tricks for iPad

This time we are going to share some common tips and tricks for the newly launched iPad. Though most of these tips are already mentioned in the manual but even then some people can’t find them or they feel easy to surf the net rather than reading the manuals.

How to Reset your iPad:

If you want to reset your iPad, here is simple solution. Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button and home button at the same time for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

How to Zoom In and Out the webpages on iPad:

To zoom in or expand the webpage, just double tap the specific part of the page. Similarly to zoom out and return back to normal, double tap again on the zoomed part. You can also pinch to perform this function.

How to Scroll Webpages on iPad:

You can scroll any webpage by dragging up, down or sideways. If you want to scroll within the frame of any page, use double fingers and use single finger to scroll the entire page.

How to Go to Top of the Page with one Click:

If you want to go to the top of the page with one click, simple tap the status bar at the top of iPad screen.

How to Enable Caps Lock Quickly:

First you will have to enable Caps Lock in the keyboard settings. Now if you want to write a sentence in Caps, double tap the shift key quickly to enable the Caps Lock.

How to Take Screenshots in iPad without any app:

To take the screenshot of your iPad screen, press the home and power button at once. It works in the same way as it works in iPhone.

How to Send a Picture via Email:

After taking the screenshots, some people don’t know how to send these shots via email. Click the doohickey and many options will appear. One option is to send the image via email as shown in the picture.

How to Insert the Symbols:

There is a problem in iPhone and it is also present in Ipad (I don’t find any fix in iPad) that there is no proper method to insert symbols. But a quick and simple solution to this problem is to send all the symbols to your iPad in an email and then copy/paste the required symbol for your usernames or password or for other purposes. You can also use some third party apps for this purpose.

More tips are on the way. If you want to share a tip/trick/experience, leave a comment.

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