Sony Ericsson is Listening: Equalizer App for SE Satio and Vivaz

Sony Ericsson, finally, responded to the complaints about missing equalizer in Music Player of SE Satio and Vivaz and a little app has been released for these mobile to satisfy music lovers.

A free application called “Equalizer” has been released in some markets for Satio and Vivaz and soon it will be available for download in other countries. You can set one of following options according to your taste with this app: Off, Classical, Jazz, Dance, Party, Pop, Rock, Spoken Word, Loudness, Mega Bass and Treble Boost.

The three important things about this app should be noted before you go for download:

  • It needs the latest update of firmware to work on satio.
  • The settings selected in this app will be global and will be effective even if you reboot your mobile, however you can change them.
  • The settings will stay there if you close the app.

Download Equalizer:

To download this app for your mobile, use the PlayNow link on the menu and search for equalizer. Alternatively here is the direct download link.

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