Nokia C7 vs Nokia N8 Specs Comparison

Nokia C7 got leaked in China recently and it is being called the younger brother of Nokia N8. This second mobile from Finnish company running on Symbian^3 is, however,  different in shape from N8. Nokia has slightly changed the features in C7 to target the low-end markets.


When we compare Nokia N8 and Nokia C7, here are some features which are not included or reduced in C7:

  • HDMI is not present in C7
  • Internal memory is reduced to 8GB
  • 8 MP camera is installed in C7 instead of 12 MP camera
  • Price of Nokia C7 will be less i.e., about €300-320


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One Comment

  1. N8 Nokia Symbian device tip, which is a great camera is an important feature. C7 is the most economical solution would be to hold something for all seasons.


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