Start and Schedule Hangouts Videos within Microsoft Outlook Using This Plugin


Microsoft Outlook is one of the mostly used email client, especially in the corporate environment. Though it is a part of Microsoft Office Suite but it is mainly used as a standalone application to manage the emails, and also to manage other tasks like calendars, contacts, meetings, task manager, web browser, note taking, journal etc

Today Google has released a plugin which enables the Google Apps users to start or schedule the Hangouts Videos from within the Microsoft Outlook software. The user can also add the guests to Hangouts. If you don’t have Google Apps for Business, you can still use this plugin through Chromebox for meetings device.


Here are the requirements for this hangouts plugin:

  1. Google apps for business, or Google apps for Education or Google Apps for Government
  2. Windows 7 or Windows 8
  3. Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or Outlook 2013

How to Install the Plugin:

If you fulfill the above mentioned requirements you can follow link to download the plugin. After it is downloaded, run the HangoutsOutlookPlugin.exe file to install the plugin.

The plugin adds two new buttons in the Office ribbon to start the scheduled or unscheduled hangouts calls. Under the scheduled calls, you first fill all the hangouts details and even add other members to the video. The unscheduled button starts the spontaneous video call.

outlook hangouts

The video call starts in your default browser. If you are having any issue in starting the call in the browser, you should give a try to Chrome browser. If the issue is still present in the chrome browser, make it sure you are using the latest version for this purpose.

For more details and other FAQs, you should visit the official plugin page on Google support page.

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