SwitcherMod: A New Cydia Tweak to Add More Functions to iOS 4 Multitasking

SwitcherMod is a new tweak available from Cydia Store that lets you to add more funtionality to classic dock of iOS 4 multitasking. With this app you can add three more options that help to further improve the ease and immediacy in switching the apps.

Because this tweak is available from Cydia Store only, your iPhone must be jailbroken to install this app. You can either use Greenpoison or Limera1n to jailbreak your iDevice on latest iOS version ie iOS 4.1.

The features available in SwitcherMod are:

  • Ability to instantly close the apps running in the background. With this app you won’t need to press and hold the application icon to kill the apps.
  • You can easily see which apps have the native support for iOS Multitasking with SwitcherMod. The apps which don’t support native multitasking support are shown with  a shadow effect while other are shown normally.
  • You can also rearrange the icons just like the icons on Home Screen.

SwitherMod is available via BigBoss Repo in Cydia Store. You might also like to read these posts:


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