Update for iOS 4: Resolve Exchange Mail, Contacts or Calendars Problem after Update

update for iOS4: how to resolve exchange sync problem

If you have upgraded your iPhone/iPod to iOS 4, you might experience some problems like low battery life which can be enhanced with simple tips and sync problem which is resolvable after installing a configuration profile from Apple. Some users have reported Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts, or Calendars do not sync, or sync very slowly after they upgraded to iOS 4.

The configuration profile increases the connection time between Exchange Servers and iPhone/iPod on iOS 4 because the current profile kills the process before the sync starts.

To install this configuration profile, use your iOS 4 safari browser to download the configuration file or alternatively you can type this address http://tinyurl.com/ios4sync in the browser to directly download on your iPhone/iPod.

After download tap “Install” to install the profile and enter passcode if prompted.

You may see a warning message that the profile is not signed, ignore this message and continue the installation process. After installation, restart your iPhone/iPod and sync again.

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