The Real Reason Behind White iPhone 4 Delay: Camera

The white iPhone 4 has been delayed for the third time. There is no official statement available yet, but the rumor is spreading around the web that the white glass case of the phone is the main reason.

According to Leander Kahney at Cult of Mac, a source with connection at Apple tells him the white case leaks the light in esp when the flush is used to take pictures.

The white iPhone 4 can’t take accurate photographs. The handset’s semi-translucent glass case leaks light in, ruining pictures taken with the internal camera, especially when the built-in flash is used.

“You don’t get accurate pictures on the white iPhone because of the color of the glass back. It washes out the pictures,” said a source with connections to Apple who asked to remain anonymous.

The source said Apple has been struggling to isolate the camera sensor. The problem may demand a complete redesign, they said, hence the string of delays.

The source said the problem only surfaced at the last minute at a secret testing facility Apple has set up for case manufacturers.

So far Apple has not offered any reason for the delays, except that the device has proven “more challenging to manufacture” than the company had originally anticipated.

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  1. Anonymoussays:

    really!??? Then maybe we should’t wait for the white any more?
    What’s up with Apple’s white iPhone???
    Well, White is a traditional color for Apple products, and the white one is really cool and lovely, but I think the black also tempting too, even looks a little mystical, so I got it. It is fantastic too…
    The iP4’s picture definition …I’m speachless….personally I really like the grouping of apps much tidier than before and the camera zoom. And as the iPhone 4 high-definition video clips, watch video on IPhone 4 are so cool and amazing! and I have download the iPhone 4 Video Converter from iFunia, Im suck in enjoying my favourite movies on the go!

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