Tips to Recover Phone memory of Nokia N97

recover phone memory N97

Many people think that Nokia N97 has got 32GB memory as phone memory, but it is not correct. Here the phone memory means where actually contacts, bookmarks, emails, messages, notes etc are stored.

If you keep installing some softwares and receiving emails in your phone memory, you will soon get low memory warnings on your Nokia N97, in fact on all mobiles.

Actually the phone memory is limited to a grand 74 MB, out of which only about 45 MB is available because the rest is taken up by the pre-installed application and so on.

Here are some tips to recover and increase the phone memory so that you get rid of low memory warnings and get more memory to install the other softwares.

  1. Install all the softwares on E: drives of your nokia N97. If you have installed some softwares on your phone memory, uninstall and reinstall on E: drive.
  2. Install a third part file browser like Y-Browser or X-plore and delete the ‘Cache’ folder in C:/System. This will really help and you will see that your mobile is faster now.
  3. Using same file browser (manager), delete the ‘dmgr’ folder in C:/System. In this folder all files which are downloaded are stored. When you restart the web browser, these files are cleared up but sometimes they are stuck and in that case deleting the “dmgr” folder will increase the phone memory. Don’t worry about “dmgr” and “Cache” folders, they are automatically made when you start the web browser of your phone.
  4. You may also change your default ‘Messaging’ memory to either the 32GB inbuilt storage or a Memory Card. To do this, enter ‘Messaging’, hit Options>Settings>Other>’Memory In Use’.
  5. Now lets move on to the pre-installed applications and widgets, uninstall as many as you do not need. On most occasions you will be able to find the ones you really need again, then simply install them to the 32GB drive on the N97. For example, I wanted the ‘Psiloc Traveller’ application, so I simply downloaded it from the Ovi Store, same with widgets.
  6. Open the Ovi Store application settings and make sure it is set to install applications on your E: drive. To do this navigate to Options>Account>Settings>Installation Preferences.
  7. If you use Nokia Messaging and MFE on your handset, or even have a normal mailbox configured you will be loosing phone memory pretty fast. The solution is to uninstall/reinstall or delete and reconfigure your mailboxes. This will usually get you at least 10MB back, possibly more depending on your usage.
  8. If you use POP email, which you shouldn’t since there is IMAP, then go into your mailbox settings and set it to enable POP for email that arrives from ‘Now’ on, this will reduce the number of old emails it downloads. I know this seems petty.
  9. If you install any application/theme, make sure you install it onto the E: drive. However, if you are going to be using a particular theme install it onto the phone memory. This is so that your phone doesn’t switch to the default theme everytime you connect it in the ‘Mass Storage’ mode. Same for ringtones. Make sure you keep it down to one theme only.

All these tips are equally applicable to other mobiles.

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