Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for Google Chrome iPhone App

App Store - Chrome

Within few days of its release, Google Chrome iPhone App has become the second most popular browser for iPhone and iPad devices after Apple’s own Safari. The most important feature which makes it prominent among other browsers of the same class is its easy to configure synchronization feature across different devices. You can get history, bookmarks, passwords, search queries and even the tabs opened using desktop Google Chrome browser on your iPhone and iPad Google Chrome with a single log-in.

App Store - Chrome

Though Google Chrome iPhone app is a complete browser which provides all basic features, but you can further enhance it by installing the Cydia tweaks from Cydia store. In this post we are going to enlist the top 5 tweaks which can add more functions to your favorite browser.


You can use these tweaks and apps only if your iPhone/iPad/iPod meets the following requirements.

  • It should be jailbroken as Cydia is available on jailbroken devices only.
  • It should have Google Chrome App installed from Apple’s App Store. Google Chrome App is free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

1. ChromeMe:

This tweak adds a new option to Safari Menu which allows the users to open any link in Google Chrome. Just keep pressed the link which you want to open in Chrome, you will see a pop up with “Open in Chrome” option. In case you want to send the current page to Google chrome, simply tap the arrow sign and then tap on “Open in Chrome”.


Open in Chrome

2. ChromeURL:

This cydia package removes the top keyboard row from Google Chrome app and brings it to bottom just like Safari. It also allows the users to select more TLD’s instead of only .com. After installing ChromeURL on your device, simply keep pressed the .com button keyboard to get more TLD’s.


3. Open in Chrome:

This tweaks open all links in Google Chrome instead of Safari. In fact it makes Google Chrome app as the default browser for iPhone. All links coming from Twitter to Mail to Messages will open in Chrome. You can also toggle this feature on/off in the Settings app.

4. EasyRefresh for Chrome:

EasyRefresh for Chrome Cydia tweak adds mobile Safari like Reload and Stop button next to the URL. It provides one tap refresh solution whereas Chrome app requires two taps to refresh/stop the same page.

EasyRefresh for Chrome


5. Chromizer:

Chromizer is an advanced cydia app which brings 4 features to your Google Chrome iPhone App. It adds:

  • Full screen mode which can be toggle with three finger tap
  • Pull to refresh
  • Swipe with two fingers to go back and forward
  • iPhone style tab switching on the iPad


Download Google Chrome from App Store

Did you find this post useful? Now it’s your turn to tell us. What’s the best tweak for you? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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