Towelroot v1 Released, Download Links and How To Guide

As we told you in our previous post that Geohot was working on a new tool (towelroot), and this time for android users, which lets the users to root Samsung Galaxy S5. According to Geohot, the tool is expected to work on all android devices released before June 3, 2014.

We all know there is an apparent purpose behind this android root software and that is rooting GS5, but we should also know one  more thing that soon GeoHot would be eligible to win $18,000 bounty which was to be offered to that first hacker who rooted the AT&T or Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5.

As every software, app or program development requires a lot of time and effort,  we shouldn’t hesitate to donate the developer, especially when we are getting the app free of cost. The developer behind this root has also set up a donation page for this purpose. You can visit the official towelroot website and click on donate button to give few bucks to the developer.

Download Towelroot and How to Use it to Root Your Android Phone with One Click:

TowelRoot is very simple tool. There is no special requirement attached to it. All you have to install a simple APK and then run towelroot. Here is the step by step method with screenshots.

  • First of all download towelroot v 1. NOTE: As mentioned below v3 is now the latest one, so you should install it on your device instead of any previous version. We have also updated our links.
  • You can either download it directly on your phone or first download the .apk on your computer and then transfer on your phone.
  • Make it sure you have checked that option in the Settings which allows to install third-party applications from unknown sources.
  • After the app has been installed, run it from the applications page.

  • Now tap on “make it ra1n”.

  • The tool will install the required files on your device and make it rooted.

Towelroot is based on an hardware exploit, so it could not be fixed with a software update. If Samsung releases a new software update for SG5, you can install the update without feeling any hesitation. But it is always better to wait for an official response.

UPDATE: The initial report we got from a source very close to GeoHot was that the tool was based on hardware exploit. But now we know it actually uses CVE-2014-3153 (Linux kernel futex privilege escalation).

This tool might void the warranty of your device. So proceed at your own rik. We, at Shoutpedia, won’t be responsible for any type of damage.


Download – Towelroot v3 – Direct link

Or, you can first visit the official towelroot website and then click on “lambda” symbol to download towelroot on your phone.

Update 1X:

A new version Towelroot v3 has been released by the developer which now supports modstrings. If your device is not getting root even by using the latest version, you could adjust the modstrings to modify the exploit parameters according to your phone model.

== Introducing modstrings! ==
Modstrings are a way to modify the exploit parameters for your obscure phone.
This is only if your device can’t be towelrooted.

Click “welcome to towelroot v3” 3 times and enter text.

1337 method(0-3), align(0-1), limit_offset(0-8191), hit_iov(0-7), temp_root(0-1)

method: which syscall is used in the blocking thread, try them all
align: which alignment to use for the iovs, try them all
limit_offset: 0 is probably the right value here, otherwise close to the samsung value and a multiple of 4
hit_iov: which iov to overwrite to cause block
temp_root: do a temp root putting su and daemonsu in /sbin, good for HTC and Motorola, doesn’t fix exploit

To fix, align and method are probably your best bet(4*2=8 values), hit_iov maybe, limit_offset if you are desperate.

== Examples ==
Most phones: “1337 0 1 0 4 0”
New Samsung: “1337 0 1 7380 4 0”
Temp root: “1337 0 1 0 4 1”


We have reports that the SuperSU app available through Play Store is yet not compatible either with Samsung Galaxy S5 or with this root tool. So we recommend you not to install it from the Google’s store. Instead of that, download the updated version of SuperSU for S5 either on PC first and then transfer it to your phone or directly download it on your phone. After unzipping it, install the APK file. This latest and updated version supports S5.

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Author: A. Usman

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  1. my phone is samsung galaxy j1 sm-j100h.i entered three texts as said above but still it says this phone is not supported.i meet every criteria needed to root my j1 phone.i tried framaware also.but there is no dropdown menu as it should be.plz help and reply soon.

  2. How do you figure the saying vaule? I have a samsung shh i337 and can’t get it to work. It worked once before then cell forced forced a update.

  3. are there any other exploits for the milano kyocera yes phone has had patches. Yes low on memory specs just looking to root. And expand the memory to try to boot from sd but need su privlages. The root of all things. Thanks for any replies.

  4. What about for unfortunate people like me who updated their phone in Sept 2014. Is there a work around? I rooted using Towel root but sadly did not foresee the implications of updating my phone which wiped out my root :(. Please help.

    1. Same thing happened that I just asked about. Figuring the correct modstring may help but idk what I’d put in for the Samsung vaule times 4 slot

  5. Thanks for the work, sure it works for many, but it does not on an S4 with XXUGNG8 version on it seems. Guess the kernel is already updated (3.4.0-2309103)

  6. Thank you….finally found someone who cares about his abilities angela gives back to the world. Thank you!!####

    1. When I open the link (the only possibility I can see) I get a page of linux code. What do I do with it? I’m guessing but this could be a big mistake; copy the unicode and paste it into a wordpad file, change the name from *.apk.txt to *.apk. Copy onto and run it from my note 3(?)

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