Transfer Files Between Mac OS X Mavericks and Android Phone on WiFi [Easy Way]

There are many applications and methods which allow you to transfer the files between your Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and android device. But every method has its own pros and cons. Some apps work best when you are sitting in front of your Mac machine like AirDroid, which is a popular web-based utility to transfer the files wirelessly.

transfer files between android and os x 10.9

Most apps and methods work best if you are handling them from PC end, but fail to meet your expectations when you want to transfer the files between OS X and Android using your android device only.

Since Apple has trimmed down the support for SAMBA in Mavericks, the file sharing apps are not working properly. Here is another way to handle your Mac files using the SFTP protocol. In this method we’ll be using ES File Explorer, which is popular file manager for android users, to transfer files, listen music and watch videos using your android phone, without touching the MacBook.

We can divide this guide into two parts, one part for Mac OS X and another for Android Phone.

Part 1: Mac OS X Configurations

Step 1: First of all check the IP address of your Mac computer which is assigned by the router to the PC. For this purpose open System Preferences -> Network. After selecting WiFi tab, click on Advancesd.

Step 2: Now click the TCP/IP tab and there you will find the IP address. Note it down, as you will need it when you set up your android phone.

System Preferences

It is always recommended to assign a permanent IP address to the PC so that you don’t have to look it up every time you connect your android with the Mac. To reserver an IP address, open the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) setting of the router, or consult the manual of your router.

Step 3: Now enable “Remote Login” in the Sharing menu of System Preferences.

enable sharing on mac

Your Mac OS X 10.9 is now ready to be connected with your android phone.

Part 2: Android Phone Configuration

Step 1: First of all install ES File Explorer from the Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Launch it and tap on “Phone and Globe” icon present at the top left to bring out left pane.

remotely access os x over wifi with android phone

Step 3: Now tap on Network and then on FTP.

Mac File Sharing over WiFi with android device

Step 4: Tap on “New” present at the bottom left and select the SFTP.

handle mac files remotely using android

Step 5: In the “New SFTP Server” popup, fill the following settings.

transfer files between android and mac

  • Server: Here type the IP address of your MacBook. We have already told you how to find the IP address in the above part.
  • Port: 22 (Leave it as it is)
  • Username: The name which you use to login your MacBook. If any space or comma is included in the login name, make it sure you enter it here too.
  • Password: Enter the password of you Mac.
  • Encoding: Auto
  • Display As: You can give your server any name

Now press OK and after the successful authentication, your will find the new server.



Tap on your server and browser the files, transfer them to and from your Mac OS X. You can also listen the songs and watch videos present on your PC without transferring them.

Another benefit of this method is that you can access the files after waking your Mac up remotely without touching it, provided you are on the same local WiFi . We will publish a complete guide on how to wake up your Mac OS X remotely and access the files in another in another post. Here is the guide how you can wake up your Mac OS X using android phone.

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