Unc0ver 3 Beta 46 iPhone iOS 12 Jailbreak Download with Guide

Unc0ver 3.0 iPhone iOS 12 Jailbreak Download

The Unc0ver jailbreak team is providing the steady updates to its new tool to get rid of the security limitation implied to the latest iPhone iOS 12 release. So here comes a new release from the team with many new bug fixes and improvements.

In the previous beta version, the support for A12 and A12X-equipped iPhone and iPads models were added, but this another beta version is mainly focused on the code side instead of delivering any new apparent changes on the user end.

Update: The new, updated, and the stable version is now available for download. Grab unc0ver v3.1.0 and enhance the jailbreak performance on your iDevice manyfold.

download unc0ver 3 iphone ios 12 jailbreak

The latest version 3.0.0 b46 brings a fix for those users who are facing stability issues on iOS 12. The other fix which is very important prevents the iPhone or iPad from going into sleep mode while the jailbreak tool is performing its function.

If you are facing any type of problem in the previous version of unc0ver 3 jailbreak, it is recommended that you give a try to this new release.

What are the new changes in Unc0ver 3 Beta 46

If you are looking for to know what has been changed in this new beta release, here is the official changelog for unc0ver.

  • Improved assertion
  • Prevent device from sleeping while the app is active
  • Internally disable the “Disable App Revokes” switch and reverts its changes if it was used before to prevent major instability issues that caused issues with loading tweaks on iOS 12
  • Update the APT lists cache file for repositories.

Download unc0ver 3.0 iPhone iOS 12 Jailbreak

It is always recommended that you download unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad from the official Github repository. Just copy and paste this download link in the web browser.

Link: githut.com/pwn20wndstuff/Undecimus/releases

There are a lot of there sites which also provide direct download links, but we don’t advise you to get the app from those links. Some times they alter the original code of the app and insert their own tweaking codes into it. Often they don’t update the link to point us to the latest release.

How to Install Unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak

The installation process of unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak is very simple. It involves the use of Cydia Impactor and then we sideload it just like any other IPA file.

The step by step instructions to install unc0ver iPhone iOS 12 jailbreak are as follows:

Step 1: First of all download the IPA file of unc0ver tool as told in the above section. The direct download link is also mentioned there.

Step 2: Now download Cydia Impactor tool from our this post.

Step 3: Make it sure you have turned off Find my iPhone, deleted any pending OTA update and removed the passcode from your iPhone or iPad model.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone, iPad with the computer and run Cydia impactor to side-load unc0ver jailbreak. The usage instructions for Cydia impactor are already posted in our previous post.

Cydia Impactor for iOS 12

Step 5: Once unc0ver IPA file has been sideloaded on the device, navigate to Settings – General – Device Management and make sure the recently created profile is trusted.

Step 6: If everything goes according to the plans, you’ll see a new unc0ver app icon on the home screen. Launch it and tap the ‘Jailbreak’ to start the actual process.

Step 7: When the process completes, iPhone will respring and you’ll see a new app icon of Cydia on your device.

If you don’t see Cydia icon, run unc0ver again and repeat the previous step.

That’s all. You have successfully jailbroken your device with unc0ver 3.0 on iOS 12.

It is to be reminded that this jailbreak is currently semi-tethered. It means that if you restart your device after seven days, you’ll have to re-sign unc0ver using the Cydia impactor. And, if you restart your device within seven days, you’ll also run the unc0ver app to regain the jailbreak status on your device.

How to Fix Errors like Error 0 (Fatal) During Unc0ver Jailbreak for iPhone

If you find any type of error while installing the jailbreak on your iOS 12 iPhone, try these fixes.

  1. First of all update your iTunes to the latest version. Check the version installed on your PC and compare it with the latest release of Apple’s site. Or simply run the iTunes updater to get the latest release.
  2. Always the latest release of Cydia impactor and Unc0ver jailbreak IPA app.
  3. Make it sure you have turned off Find my iPhone and removed the passcode.
  4. Try jailbreaking your device again after putting it in airplane mode.
  5. Replace the data cable. Sometimes apple device thinks that the connection cable is not a genuine data cable. In that case, it can be used for charging but not for data transfer.
  6. If you face any problem while sideloading the app, try after changing the laptop.
  7. After the above-mentioned solutions, if you are still facing any type of error, especially Fatal error 0, launch Unc0ver app, tap on settings on the bottom bar, and turn the toggle to ON position in front of Restore RootFS (rec0ver) option.

If you follow these steps, you can get Cydia store running on your device successfully.

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