Unlock Any iPhone on iOS 5.1, 5.0.1, 5.0 Using SAM Including Baseband 04.11.08

Kudos to hackers and researchers! They have found a new method to unlock any iPhone, whether it is iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS, running on iOS 5.0, iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.1, even having the baseband This new method involves the use of SAM which is exclusively available through Cydia Store. So, this technique will work only on JAILBROKEN iPhone.

Two days ago we reported how you can get the official unlock on your device without losing jailbreak. But this unlock method works on any iPhone which is not blacklisted by the carrier.

Here is How You Can Unlock Any iPhone on iOS 5.0 or Later Using SAM:

Step 1: If your device is not jailbroken, you can get an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0 using the latest version of Redsn0w. For iOS 5.1 users the jailbreak is still tethered.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and add this Repo http://repo.bingner.com by going to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add.

Step 3: Now search SAM in cydia and install it.

Step 4: Now insert the SIM you want to use in iPhone and launch SAM from settings.

Step 5: Go to Utilities in SAM and de-activate the Phone.

Step 6: While SAM is enabled on the main screen, select “By Country and Carrier” method. Now select your carrier. In case your carrier operator has more than one SIM ID , choose the correct SIM ID otherwise this method won’t work properly.

Step 7: Now go to More Information, and copy or write down the IMSI number under SIM details. After you have noted down, tap on Spoof Real SIM to SAM.

Step 8: Go to main screen of SAM and select the Manual method. Paste the IMSI string.

Step 9: Now connect your device with iTunes to activate it. Double click on Phone Number to make it sure that the ICCID matches that of your SIM card. If doesn’t match, repeat the method.

Step 10. Now disable SAM and reconnect iPhone with iTunes. You will get the message that iPhone is not activated. Simply ignore it, close iTunes and re-launch it. Now you will see the signal bars on your iPhone.

If you unlocked your iPhone with this method, please share your experience with other in the comments below.

Update 1X: After you have successfully unlocked your device, please save the lockdown directory for later use. You should backup the activation ticket every time you use a different SIM card and unlock iPhone.

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50 Replies

  1. Fatehuddinsays:

    Can anyone plz tell me how to find your sim id, my carrier is AT&T 12.0. THnx

  2. Lechsays:

    Hi Guys,
    Will this work on a verizon iphone? Obviously a jailbroken one.
    I want to use the phone in Europe, specifically in Poland. The name of the carrier is ORANGE.


  3. jojosays:

    the first time i used sam works for my iphone but then i insert another sim and do the process again but failed then i insert the sim again i used to unlock my iphone but no service.. please help!!!!!!!

    1. Did you save the Activation Ticket for first SIM?? It seems Apple has patched his servers and SAM unlock activation is no longer working, but if you have saved the tickets, you can restore them manually.

      1. It’s true that Apple updated the server and the SAM does not work now?

  4. Uniquesays:

    kindly help me with my phone original carrier.
    my iphone is 4 and the model number is MC604B.
    I have tried using this method with UK O2 carrier but i keep getting Activation report error: Activation rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

  5. aaronsays:

    will it work on ios 5.1? bb 4.11.08

  6. jojosays:

    my iphone 4g baseband 4.12.01 ios 5.1 currently lock at at&t 12.0 carrier is it possible to unlocl my iphone using sam?

    1. jojosays:

      i followed all the steps but still sim invalid for my iphone 4g ios 5.1 baseband 4.12.01. is ther any help for me? thanks..

      1. jojosays:

        i have cydia intalled in my iphone 4 and it was tethered jailbreak. any help please.

    2. jojosays:

      great it works for my iphone

  7. mr.arlindsays:

    hey my iphone 4 model is MC603KS , i’m not sure if it is from sweden! I want to use it in a Monaco carrier (+377) and don’t know how!? please help!

  8. Rabbitsays:

    I passed all the stages, but in the end I still got the “sim is not supported” or “could not activate SIM card” so eventually I enabled SAM again and then it was OK.

    Was I supposed to enable SAM again ? It’s not written anywhere. Step 10 only says:
    “Step 10. Now disable SAM and reconnect iPhone with iTunes. You will get the message that iPhone is not activated. Simply ignore it, close iTunes and re-launch it. Now you will see the signal bars on your iPhone.”

  9. To all commentors, please back up the activation ticket every time you unlock the device. See the Update 1X at the bottom of this post.

  10. Faizeeishsays:

    mine iphone baseband is 4.12.01 and ios 5.1 , is that work for me?

  11. Ganasays:

    i am sorry guys it worked…actually in this process very important is need to know ur original carier sim id..Thats it easy to unlock sam and need to have jailbroken iphone

  12. Kenzhin50says:

    I’m trying for Claro PR but I can’t find my country (Puerto Rico) I tried with U.S but it doesn’t have my phone carrier.

    1. Rubensays:

      what is your device model?

      1. Kenzhin50says:

        iPhone 4 – 5.0.1 preserved BB 03.10.01, I have it unlocked with the gevey sim, I removed the gevey and tried with SAM but couldn’t find neither my sim or my country. thkz

        1. Rubensays:

          NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what is your model!
          my friend in order to help you please pay attention
          General – About
          there is a model mine for example is MC603DN
          what is yours?

        2. Kenzhin50says:

          oh my bad lol my model is- MC608LL thkz

        3. Rubensays:

          well your original carrier is AT&T so pick USA and AT&T now listen to this you have to pick a sim ID so we will see few numbers there
          you will have to choose one (how would you know what’s right) simple – pick one and try to push the activation button in the utilities – if it will restart you chose the correct one … after that follow the guide or what I wrote below and let me know … if you still have problems contact me on skype : elush_co1

  13. Rubensays:

    I’m happy for you! :) enjoy dude

  14. lipkisssays:

    It worked for me too.Initially i was getting only incoming calls but after i cleared push notification cache using sam n rebooted the phone i could make outgoing calls too.

  15. Rubensays:

    one step that worked for me worth mentioning is
    first you put your original carrier (just look for your model in the internet for example mine is MC603DN which is Austria Tmobile but currently I’m not there ,you Pick it and then enter “more information” copy the IMSI number of the SAM detail hit spoof and go to the general screen (where you can see the enable button and then you paste the number you have copied (SAM IMSI) than and this is the breaker go to utilities and hit on Activation button (if you entered the right carrier , the original carrier your iphone is locked to , your device will reboot than check the numbers you have copied before- go to itunes it will be activated check the numbers if they match ICCID than go to SAM on your device hit the enable button in order to disable it , reconnect the Iphone an error message will appear , pull the plug and reconnect your device – you should see bars , hope I helped

  16. Esbensays:


    At Step 6 – Enter the ORIGINAL carrier, not the one you want to use afterwards!

    It works for me – thank you!

  17. mr.arlindsays:

    hey there i’ve my iphone 4 is blocked from tele2 sweden and i want to use now in monaco carrier(+377) but i can’t find it at country and carriers, now i dont know what to do, is there someone to help me please.

  18. Legendarysays:

    I tried every possible way but every time I connect to itunes it says sim is not supported bla bla… :(


  19. Rubensays:

    You were right !!! thanks , just past the SAM number not the sim!

  20. Rubensays:

    I copied Sam number to sim and it doesn’t accept it , it rewrites it all over and give me the number of the Sim in both (identical ) then I press Spoof and nothing is happening

  21. Ganasays:

    It does not works on Jailbroken at&t iphone 4 phones..Sam or sampref does not shows anyu de-activation option …and as others says itunes say invalid sim message appears..folk need to be a proper vedio or simplified method

  22. lipkisssays:

    Also this procedure seems to be different over here from others as all other sites say copy sam id & u r the only 1 saying copy sim id.So plz verify the procedure.
    If some1 is getting the same “could not activate the simcard ” & knows a way around then plz let us know.

    1. Franksays:

      You have to copy IMSI from SAM details, not sim.

  23. Rubensays:

    I tried this and Itunes shows that the sim is not supported I copied the IMSI and the ICCID
    number to both places and tried it over and over again
    I use now vodafone sim card
    And originally my iphone is locked to Germany Tmobile
    please helppppp

    1. lipkisssays:

      I have the same prob.Im using vodafone,Mumbai.I get sim is not supported error.Plz help some1

  24. Carlos Monroysays:

    i think the failure on my part also has to do with the fact that my baseband is preserved so it really isn’t the 5.0.1 baseband..

  25. Francosays:

    Great! Works

  26. Carlos Monroysays:

    I tried it on ios 5.0.1 baseband 04.10.01 and it didn’t work at all u__u

    1. Sbingner, the developer of SAM, and Musclenerd also reported on Twitter that this method is working. Sbingner is working on new method esp for iPhone 4 users to make the process simple. Please wait till that if the above method is not working for you.

  27. Franksays:

    I have a “problem” with a signal bars. It’s stuck at one bar. Any fix please

    1. Reboot the device, relaunch iTunes and connect again. If the problem is still there, repeat the steps.

      1. Franksays:

        Thanks, but it didn’t help. I have an iPhone 4, 1.59.00, 5.0.1. It’s just a cosmetic issue but still it’s annoying. I’ve also uninstalled Ultrasn0w, I mean that’s the reason I did it, to get rid of Ultrasn0w. By repeat the steps you mean to do the whole unlock thing again?

        1. Yes, repeat the above mentioned steps, it’s hardly 2 minute process if you know how to do.

        2. Franksays:

          I did it three times, so far no success, I believe it’s because I have 1.59.00 baseband, which is from 4.0. It’s annoying but at least I have an unlocked iPhone, and I also don’t have a problem with push notifications as some others do.

        3. ethansays:

          i presume that you already unlocked bcoz ur baseband is 01.59. u dont need sam to unlock, just ultrasn0w viua cydia

  28. Farrukhsays:

    Thanks. It worked like charm. Thanks God I didn’t update to iOS 5.1. Now unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4S.

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