UnlockID Allows You to Unlock Mac Using iPhone TouchID

UnlockID Preferences

The first tweak of its type is now available in Cydia store which allows the  users to un-lock their Mac computers using the TouchID feature of iPhone 5S. When you are near to your PC, you can use your fingerprints on iPhone home button sensor to bypass the lock-screen without pressing the keys on keyboard.


Every person in this world liks to work in a comfortable environment regardless what he is doing or how much easy his job is. Sometimes even a single extra tap on your mobile can be a irritating experience. If you are such type of person and you have both the latest iPhone model and Mac machine, you can now skip the few extra clicks which you have to perform while entering the password on your PC.

UnlockID tweak does this job. It uses the bluetooth technology to communicate between your both devices. All you have to do is to install the tweak from Cydia and a tiny program (about 260KB size) on Mac and then turn on the bluetooth on both devices. When you are near your Mac within the range of bluetooth coverage, you can unlock Mac by using the touchID. UnlockID is very energy efficient as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy feature for communication and hence doesn’t add any extra burden on the iPhone battery.

Besides unlocking the Mac, this tweak can also be used to fill in the names and passwords on websites using the TouchID. When the page is open in web browser on Mac, you can use your authorized finger to enter the details. Again in this case the bluetooth connection should already be established.

Installing and Using UnlockID:

First of all go to Cydia store and install the UnlockID tweak on your iPhone 5S model. After that install the companion Mac app on your computer. If you get the pop-up that “The app is from unidentified developer…”, right click on the app and click on “Open” from the menu.

Once it is installed, you’ll see a new icon in the status bar. Click on it and then on “Preferences”.

unlockID touchID Mac 

In the Preferences menu, you see “Session login”, “Secure Password Manager” and “Authorization Code / Test Connection” tabs. Using the Test Connection feature you should first check whether you can estabish the connection between your iPhone and Mac successfully.

UnlockID Preferences

Support Devices and OS Versions:

UnlockID works with iOS 7.0.4 and iOS 7.0.5 on iPhone and with OS X Mavericks on Mac. The following Mac models are currently supported.

  • MacBook Air 2011 or newer model
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or newer
  • iMac 2012 model or newer
  • Mac Mini 2011 or newer
  • and Mac Pro 2013

Watch UnlockID in Action in this Video:

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