Upgrade to iOS 4 in 5 Easy Steps

Apple is going to roll out has rolled out the new iOS 4 today and we hope that all of you will be familiar with the update process, however if you have forgotten or you are new to iPhone OS, here are five simple steps to update your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 2G to the latest iOS4.

Step 1: To update to iOS 4 make sure that you have installed the latest iTunes 9.2 on your PC.

Step 1 iTunes 9.2

Step 2: After installing the iTunes 9.2, connect your iPhone/iPod to your PC with USB cable. If iTunes doesn’t start automatically, launch it manually.

steps to upgrade to iOS 4

Step 3: Now select your device from the sidebar of iTunes. You will see a summary page with an update option but don’t click it yet.

steps to update iPhone 4

Step 4: Before the actual update process, make sure you have backed up your device. Right click on the device icon in the sidebar of iTunes and back it up. The back up process will take a minute. This step will help you to restore your phone to previous firmware if something goes wrong.

backup before iOS 4

Step 5: Now repeat the step 3 and click on “Check for Update”. iTunes will tell you that update is available and it will guide you through the firmware update process.

P.S.: If you want to update your iPhone/iPod to iOS 4 GM release (before the public iOS 4 release), read our this post.

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