[Video] iPad Apps: PadNotes specifically for iPad

Though all the apps available at App Store are compatible with iPad, but more and more apps are being developed for ipad only.

Currently you can choose any app out of 150,000 from App Store which can be run in original size or expanded to fill the screen of iPad. After getting your iPad, you can tap on App Store icon and visit the iPad Apps Category which will contain the apps specifically for iPad.

PadNotes is a new app which takes the advantage of large screen and multi-touch interface of iPad. You can perform the following functions with this app:

  • Draw, write, or highlight any text on a document while using image or PDF as the background.
  • You can draw different types of images. Straight or curved lines can be drawn with this app.
  • This app can also be used for quickly filling out the forms.
  • Mathematical work can be performed with ease. It will be very useful for students.

Watch the detailed video of this app:

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