Vodafone UK Suggests: iPhone 5 Will Come In 16/32 GB Size

The next generation iPhone, iPhone 5 is nearing its release date which is hoped to be sometime in October. A lot of rumors have been going on. Many people all over the globe are wondering about the possibly new design, features and memory capacity that this iPhone will bring with it. However, now AppleInsider did some digging, and discovered a product listing by the Vodafone UK, which almost confirmed that the iPhone 5 will have the same memory capacity i.e 16 and 32 GB. The other thing they found out, that iPhone 5 will be released in two colours, black and white.

iPhone 5

Here is what they reported on their site

The product page for the Vodafone Sure Signal, which works as a signal booster for the carrier’s network, offers a list of phones compatible with the device. The carrier’s site makes mention of four “iPhone 5” models, with capacities of 16GB and 32GB and colors of black and white.

Have a look at the picture they posted too

iPhone 5 in 16/32 GB size

Well, this could be a typing error too, or some other mistake, so don’t get your hopes down. But this could really be right too. Overall more chances are of the same 16/32 GB memory. The conclusion is to wait for iPhone 5, and you’ll know yourself.

Most of the Apple fans would feel a bit let down as many would have been hoping for a 64 GB iPhone 5. Anyways, it looks like that they would have to resign to the worst. And for any news about the upcoming iPhone 5, iOS 5 or any other technology related news, keep an eye on our site and we’ll not let you down.

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