Wake Up MAC OS X Mavericks 10.9 Using Android Phone Through WiFi Remotely

Wake UP mac os x on wifi

Besides many other features, the one reason I like Mac OS X (Mavericks) more than any other operating system is that it is already configured for many network and server related settings. You have to only toggle few settings to turn on and off the features, like waking up your Mac machine on the LAN/same WiFi is such a breeze in it.

Wake up Mac OS X over WiFi using Android

You can use your Android phone to wake up your MacBook if it is sleeping. For instance, your PC is lying in another room and you are in your bedroom. You can simply send some magic packets to it to bring it into life. After it is awaken, you can transfer files, watch movies and listen to songs present on MacBook Hard Disk without touching it. It is just such a good set-up if you have both and Android phone and Mac system.

Settings on Your Mac OS X:

First of all make it sure your Mac PC is set to wake for network access. You can check it and if it is not enabled you can enable it using these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the System Preferences and click on Energy Saver.

remotely wake up mac with android

Step 2: Under the “Power Adapter” tab, tick on “Wake for Network Access”.

Wake Up mavericks using android phone

Go back to main System Preferences page and your settings are now saved.

Android Phone Settings:

As I have told you above, we have to send some magic packets to the PC to wake it up and the PC should be configured to accept these magic packets. To send these magic packets, there are a lot of apps available in the Play Store. Simply search “Wake on LAN” and you’ll see many applications. Currently I am using LAN WakeUp for this purpose and it is working smoothing so far.

After you have installed LAN WakeUP or any other app, open it. Tap on plus sign on top right corner to add a new computer. Now enter the computer name, which might be any name to remember it, and the MAC address without dashes.

LAN wakeup android wifi

You can find the MAC Address on Mac OS X by opening System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> and at last click on Hardware tab. The complete step by step guide with screenshots to find MAC address can be found on WiKiHow.

Wake UP mac os x on wifi

After saving the settings, simply press the “Alarm” icon next to the PC name. The app will send the magic packets to wake it up.

Now you can use ES File Explorer to transfer files and perform other tasks.

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